14 April 2010

Follow up to Generation Kill is this book. One Bullet Away by former USMC Captain Nathaniel Fick [aka the most awesomest man in the universe]. Nate is one of the Marines featured in GK, the platoon leader of Bravo 2. In the miniseries, he was portrayed by Tony-nominated actor Stark Sands.

This memoir starts from his decision to join the Marines, to his tour in Afghanistan, until after his deployment to Iraq. Like in GK, this is not about the war... but the people in and affected by the war. It is very human and you can't help but ADMIRE the crap out of this MAN.

Nate is currently the CEO of CNAS. He lives in Washinton DC with wife Margaret Angell and newborn daughter, Ella.

"For the first time in my life, desire and effort wouldn’t be enough. I was learning that in the Marines, the only easy day was yesterday. Success the day before meant nothing, and tomorrow might never happen. I woke up each morning at Quantico wondering whether I’d still be there that night." -- Nate Fick.

Generation Kill / Evan Wright

Based on the true story of the first marines to arrive in Baghdad, told by Rolling Stone writer Evan Wright, who traveled with them, witnessing the beginning of the war on terrorism. It tells the story of the first 40 days of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

I have been interested in Military [especially USMC] History for a long time and this is one of the best non-fiction pieces out there. In fact, this is the best book that I have read in 2009. Evan Wright did not hold back on his observations. He wrote everything from the impromptu karaoke in 2-1 Alpha's Humvee to the Command's sheer incompetence.

Wright mainly writes about what was going on in the lead vehicle two-one-alpha led by Sgt. Brad Colbert [now, Gunnery Sergeant]. Just through Wright's words, Colbert's courage and "Iceman" coolness can be appreciated. Also in the spotlight is platoon leader Lt. Nathaniel Fick [one of my favorite people in the world!] and his struggle to do what he thinks is "right" but he had "orders" from Command to do otherwise. The book really gives the reader a civilian's insight to what it is in Iraq early in the war and what the Marines really think of it.

I have two copies of this book. My first copy looks like a school book with all the highlighted dialog and quotes. It is so quotable - with just "good" quotes and technical dialog.

"Whatever happens, just promise me you won’t leave me alone." - Cpl. Gabe Garza to Sgt. Tony Espera before rolling into Al Gharraf. “Generation Kill” chapter 13.

GK was made into a miniseries by HBO, which I also LOVE. I recommend both book and miniseries to everybody.

I've always wanted to do a paw print design. I couldn't find a dotting tool with a large(r) dot so I put off doing it. But I improvised. And now it's here!

(Ain't that blue so pretty?)

I used:

  • base coat
  • Best Sence (don't ask about the spelling; it's on the bottle) blue
  • NYC French White Tip 134A
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Black Out 28
  • dotting tool
  • Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat
Again, I like variety so I did a dog bone on my middle finger.

  • Apply base coat.
  • Paint two coats of the Best Sence blue.
  • Using the dotting tool with a larger tip, draw a dog bone on your middle finger using the NYC French White Tip. Paint two dots, one atop each other on either side of your nail then paint a straight line connecting the two pairs.
  • Clean off your dotting tool. Using Black Out and the larger dotting tool, paint random dots on your other nails. With the smaller dotting tool, draw on 4 dots to complete the paw print.
  • Finish off with top coat.
And yes, that's my mouse. Cute huh?

03 April 2010

Sam Worthington needs a speech coach. At least pick an accent and stick with it. Also, he should be in the running for the next Batman… even if it’s just voice acting.

Another thing, the “one-liners” are awful. All but one. Io utters these words upon her “death”, “You’re not just that [part-man, part-god], you’re the best of both.”

Full review tomorrow… I hope.