16 March 2011

Proud of you, sir! :)

[I kind of prefer his treatment of Mosley Lane (5x16) better but this episode was pretty awesome too. Action, suspense, drama… what I liked the most was the pacing.]

Spoilers ahead.

My favorite part would have to be Garcia’s voice mail. JFC, I teared up. That’s what I love the most about Garcia. She fucking cares and she doesn’t hold back on her love. Also, Rossi putting the pressure on Seaver.

I kind of wanted more JJ. It was great to see her back commandeering the screen but I wish she had more screen time. (I just want her back, period. They need a proper media liaison… not that anybody’s doing a bad job. There was balance when JJ was around.) And oh, thank you for not forgetting JJ’s ring! I’m a sucker for continuity. Reid playing the little brother of the team was an awesome moment.

The one thing that did not impress me AT ALL was the ending. I saw that a million light years away. It was pretty obvious that they will go that direction. From all the hints TPTB gave towards keeping options open if Paget wants to come back and keeping Ian Doyle alive? As much as I love Prentiss, I would’ve killed her off. Same with Doyle. Put a period on it. That way, the show can go back to their usual unsub hunting ways. Have the loss of Prentiss (had she died for real) as a stressor. Now, they have that AND Doyle still at large to worry about. And maybe Declan’s (love that name) existence/involvement, too. This storyline might be just a means to an end so I don’t know, let’s see how this pans out.

If Prentiss were to come back… they could show her in a car shadowing Declan. Or finally killing that SOB Doyle. Either would be awesome, don’t you think? :)


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