05 July 2011

The first one, "The Lightning Thief" is a pretty good book.

Here's a sign where you can tell that I am enjoying a book:

I love Mythology. VERY MUCH. I know a lot about it and when pop culture references them in books, TV shows, and/or movies, I want it to be faithful and consistent. With the movie "Clash of the Titans", apart from Sam Worthington, the EPIC deviation from the mythology of Io turned me the fuck off. I was so uninterested for the remainder of the movie. (And if you watched it, you'll know that they reveal who Io is in the first 30 minutes of the movie.)

The Percy Jackson books depend a lot on Greek mythology. After all "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" - Percy being a demigod and all. There's a camp where all the children of the gods go to train and stuff. There were kids of Poseidon (Percy himself), Hermes, Aphrodite, Zeus (but she died), and... Athena.

But you see... Athena never had a lover. Athena Parthenos. Virgin Athena. Hephaestus attempted to rape her but he failed in that and impregnating her. Yet in the first Percy book, one of his best friends is the daughter of Athena. And I didn't even gripe about that!

So there you go. It's a good book!

[The movie, however, is a piece of horse shit.]

Okay, I'm done nerding out.


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