21 March 2010

I love mascaras. Mascaras are like... my thing. It's the only piece of makeup I take seriously.

Every time I find myself at Sephora or the makeup section of a mall or drugstore, I am tempted to buy a tube of mascara. I've been eying a few products for a while but for now, let's look at CoverGirl Lash Blast.

Pardon the crappy photos. I used my Macbook's iSight for this about a month ago.

Anyway, pictured above is my second tube. I got those two-for-one deals from Costco. And yes, that's the old packaging. The new tube does not have that silver stripe anymore and it's called "Lash Blast Volume", I think. But it's basically the same thing. I love that the brush is rubber/plastic and is not immersed in the product when you first get it. And look at the size of that thing! The large brush definitely gives great coverage -- gets the whole lash covered.

CG’s LastBlast is… probably the best mascara I’ve ever used. So far. You can build up the color/coverage. And I thought such a mascara doesn’t exist -- but it does: IT DOES NOT CLUMP. Srsly. And it’s so easy to take off. Just soap and water, et voila! (I hate waterproof mascara.)

(Oh gahd, kindly ignore the non-pretty haha.)

No product on the right eyelashes. 2 coats of CG LashBlast on the left.

The way I do it is I comb my lashes before and after I curl it. And once more after I apply mascara -- before the product dries.

What I do not like about it — it flakes. The thicker the application is, the flakier it gets (which makes sense). What I do to remedy that is I take those small brush things from Sephora and “comb” my lashes from time to time. But it's no biggie, really.


I still LUH CoverGirl’s Lash Blast but there are a ton of products out there. I’ve been eyeing Tarte mascaras every time I pass by Sephora.

Basically, I’m looking for products that give more volume [length’s a plus but I don’t need it as much as I need volume]. Lancome Oscillation Mascara is the FRICKIN’ SHIZ but I am not ever going to fork over $35 for any kind of makeup. EVER. And oh, fake lashes are out of the question.

So if you have anything to recommend, gimme!


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