20 March 2010

HAUL: 19 March 2010

Nail polishes.

That's probably the only beauty thing I'll splurge on. Everything in that photo is under $2.

LA Girl Disco Brites in Vinyl Record. I have another Disco Brites polish, Hustle. Do these actually glow under black light? I haven't tested that out yet.
Kleancolor Concrete Gray. Call me crazy, but it's a lovely color.
Kleancolor Madly Matte. A Matte Finisher. I still have to try it.
LA Colors Art Deco in Pink, Navy Blue, and Forest Green. I love these thin brush polishes.
Kleancolor Wizard Pads
. Vanilla scent.

PS: Yes, that is Alexander Skarsgard in the background. ;)


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