20 March 2010

Glee: The Music, Volume 1


1. "Don't Stop Believin'"
2. "Can't Fight This Feeling"
3. "Gold Digger"
4. "Take a Bow"
5. "Bust Your Windows"
6. "Taking Chances"
7. "Alone"
8. "Maybe This Time"
9. "Somebody to Love"
10. "Hate On Me"
11. "No Air"
12. "You Keep Me Hangin' On"
13. "Keep Holding On"
14. "Bust a Move"
15. "Sweet Caroline"
16. "Dancing with Myself"
17. "Defying Gravity"

iTunes Bonus Track
18. "I Say A Little Prayer"

Target bonus tracks
18. "I Wanna Sex You Up"
19. "I Could've Danced All Night"
20. "Leaving on the Jet Plane"

A collection of songs from the first nine episodes of season 1 feature on Glee: The Music, Volume 1, which was released on November 3, 2009.

Okay, I am a SERIOUS Glee fan. I have the songs on loop some days on my way to and from work. Since getting this album, I've played it constantly. I love the songs they cover and the whole premise of the show itself. And it helps that I'm a former glee clubber. I almost attended their signing at The Grove, LA yesterday -- I had no one to go with me so I decided to skip it. Boo!

Anyway, I am familiar with some of the actors. Lea Michele (who plays Rachel Berry) was the lead in Broadway's "Spring Awakening". Kevin McHale had a small part in HBO's "True Blood". Matthew Morrison was nominated for a Tony Award. With an awesome cast and music, Glee is a very worthwhile show to watch.

The unofficial "title track", Don't Stop Believin', originally done by Journey, is one of my ultimate favorite songs. I literally have to sing along every time I hear it. It was used in the Pilot episode which aired after American Idol. Coincidentally, it was also used in an Idol episode and as an encore number for the Idols LIVE Tour. I think this is the only full song, so far, that they performed on the show. Lea Michele's voice is so strong. Cory Monteith carries his own very well. It's hard not to sing along.

Can't Fight This Feeling, originally done by REO Speedwagon... often gets stuck in my head. Another one of those songs that I have to sing along to. Cory Monteith, who plays Finn, said that this was his audition piece. They decided to put it on the show - Finn singing in the shower for Mr. Schuester to hear. It's a really beautiful track. It makes me want to bust out my lighter and wave my hands in the air. "And even if I wander, I'm keeping you in sight..." HAHA.

Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes, shows her excellent pipes on Gold Digger. Matthew Morrison (Mr. Will Schuester) does the rapping -- and it's a WOW. Kevin McHale (Artie) lends lead vocals as well. I never saw this one coming. Kanye West is not really glee club material but damn, this is good. One of my favorite tracks is Take A Bow, the Rihanna song, done by Lea Michele. Rachel was singing about Finn not noticing she's there. The bridge part of the song to the last chorus is so powerful. I must admit, I lip synced to this song a couple of times. Bust Your Windows is Amber Riley's solo singing about how Kurt Hummel, played by Chris Colfer, broke her heart so she "bust your windows of your car". If you've seen the episode "Acafellas", she literally busted out the windows of his car. Oh boy, Ms. Riley can SAAAAANG! Clearly a diva song; I like it a lot.

Another favorite track is Taking Chances. This is written by Kara DioGuardi (she also has a version of this with her band "Platinum Weird") and sung by Celine Dion. I love all versions, including this one. It's a really great pop rock song. I have mimed to this track more times than I like to admit. HAHA. I am just so in love with Lea Michele's voice. When my favorite stage actress Kristin Chenoweth guest-starred on the episode "The Rhodes Not Taken" as April Rhodes, I spazzed. And she did one of my favorite songs. Alone, an original by Heart (and one of my karaoke staples), is a duet with Matthew Morrison. I've never heard this song as a duet so it's a treat for me. Maybe This Time is another track performed by the great Miss Chenoweth. She shares the song with Lea Michele. When I first heard this, I could barely tell the difference. But when I saw the episode, it made more sense. Both Broadway stars held their own very well on this "Cabaret" song.

If I had to pick ONE favorite track from this album, it is Somebody to Love. Glee has a knack of picking my favorite songs. Originally done by Queen, this song is PERFECT for choir/glee club. I just wished they included Artie's solo part on the episode. Kevin McHale can seriously sing; I love his voice. This rendition is pretty epic. Normally, I would have my reservations of a Queen song is done by somebody else. But I'm extremely happy with this one. The Jill Scott original Hate On Me is given a fresh and in-your-face mix. It is so bad-ass and in your face... I just love it! Amber Riley's voice is perfect for the song.

No Air is another Rachel/Finn duet. I like the beginning of the song. Not much on the second half - it kind of went all over the place. To me, it didn't work as well as the other songs on this album. Same with Keep Me Hanging On, performed by Dianna Agron. She plays Finn's girlfriend Quinn Fabray. I'm sorry but I'm not sold on her voice at all. Had I not seen her audition video, I wouldn't believe she really sings. At least, after these two songs, Keep Holding On impressed me so damn much. Another song perfect for glee club, this Avril Lavigne original reduced me to tears when I watched the "Throwdown" episode.

After Matthew Morrison proved that he can rap in "Gold Digger", he does it again with Bust A Move. It's awesome because it's another one of those unexpected tracks. And oh, Sweet Caroline -- PUUUUCK! Mark Salling, why you so hot? I wish this song is a bit longer. I sing along to this every time it plays in my iPod, no matter where I am. This track is followed by another solo, this time by Kevin McHale with Dancing With Myself. I can't wait to see the episode with this song. I really like Kevin's voice.

And now... Defying Gravity. Performed by Lea Michele and Chris Colfer, my favorite character Kurt. This version is so right in so many levels. I have no words to express how much I love this version.

The iTunes bonus track is Say A Little Prayer by Dianna Agron. I don't like it. So... yeah. Target bonus tracks include I Wanna Sex You Up featuring Matthew Morrison, Mark Salling, Cory Monteith, Stephen Tobolowsky, Patrick Gallagher (Patrick Gallagher plays vampire "Chow" on True Blood), I Could've Danced All Night by Jayma Mays, and Leaving On A Jet Plane by Matthew Morrison.

Overall, this is a wonderful collection of songs. It can go on a loop on your player and you'll still find yourself singing along to these popular songs done Glee-style.


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