20 March 2010

[I contributed this post to a fabulous music blog called Pop+Nation.]

This is the lead single off Britney's second greatest hits album "The Singles Collection". The song "3" is produced by Max Martin.

If you listen closely,
the track is about threesomes. It is heavy on synthesizers (aren't most of her songs lol) and has an uptempo electropop vibe. I find it slightly awkward that this song is released about a day or so after Mary Travers of the trio "Peter, Paul, and Mary" passed away. This song being about a threesome (if you don't know what that means, look it up) and their names were mentioned... idk.

With this track, it shows Britney is once again trying to reinvent herself to compete with today's sound. Personally, I tend to like the songs Britney releases so I'm cool with it.


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