20 March 2010

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Because I absolutely love anything nail art, for my first product review, I chose Kleancolor Wizard Pads - Nail Polish Remover Pads + Cuticle Oil. They are available on their website [clicky the linky] for $1.99 each and it comes in four scents: Cucumber, Lemon, Vanilla, and Peach.

The one that I have is in vanilla. I got it for 99 cents at Cali! Fashion (formerly Silhouette) located at Westfield Santa Anita Mall. I've seen this product before in my previous trips to this store but I haven't had the chance to try it out until now. And for 99 cents, hey no loss there!

On the Kleancolor website, it said:

No-Acetone, No-Mess, No-Harsh Odor, No-Fuss. Wizard Pads by KleanColor are designed to gently remove nail polish with no-mess, no-spill, no harsh odor. These portable and convenient pads allow you to remove nail polish whenever and wherever you desire. Its compact size allows you to toss it in your purse, pack it for trips or leave it at your desk at work for last-minute fixes.

Okay. I guess my ratings will be based on if it is indeed "no acetone, no mess, and no fuss".

First, the packaging (and the before pic - reverse french):

It is definitely small and compact. The lid is easy to turn and secure. And I like the heart design. The color of the heart differs between scents.

It contains 32 felt pads. They are oily to the touch and to be honest, they do not smell like vanilla at all. Fail. I can't exactly describe the smell -- it's like a mix of "rugby adhesive" then... I don't know... oil. It's not pleasant but it's a good thing that that smell does not linger so it's not much of a bother.

According to the package, this is how to use it:

Wipe off nail color with moderate pressure. Use both sides of pad. 1 pad will clean all 10 nails (may need 2 pads for darker colors). Its Acetone-free formula contains cuticle moisture oil that helps nourish your nails and cuticles. You may either wash your hands after use or leave on for deeper moisturizing.

Keep in mind these instructions. Okay, you saw the BEFORE photo of my nails above, let's get to testing! My right hand had red (and black on my ring finger) polish. So I might use 2 pads. [Sorry, text review. My hands were occupied so I don't have photos of the process.] Use it as you would a cotton pad/ball soaked in nail polish remover.

First reaction, ew. That thin felt pad was SATURATED with oil. Seriously, press hard enough and you can SQUEEZE OUT the oil and on to your nail. It was thick and sticky. While it did what it is supposed to do - erase the polish - the residue left behind is... ugh.

After I finished with my right hand:

Er. Yeah. Not a pretty sight. See the finger beside the used up pad? Yes, oil. Residue. And it STAINED the skin. The color transferred from the nail to the pad and because it's too darn oily, some of the color got on my skin.

Remember what the instructions said? You may either wash your hands after use or leave on for deeper moisturizing. I DARE you not to wash your hands after using this product. It is very uncomfortable. I accidentally touched my mouse right after I used one pad and it got stained with red... and oil. Ugh. Oh well, moving on to left hand (which had black polish and red on the ring finger). That also took 1 whole pad and a ton of oil.

See there. STAINS. And OIL. And you tell me to "leave it on"? No way. After I finished with my left hand, I HAD to wash my hands right away. Then I saw that there were still polish left over. So I had to help it out with good ole nail polish remover and cotton pad. See how much was left:

And the spoils of battle:

Not pretty at all. Well, it's like that. Nail art is pretty but creating it and taking it off is not.

So... Kleancolor Wizard Pads, how did it fare?

No-Acetone = Yes. At least it will not eat your liver haha.
No-Mess = No. It's oily as all hell and it stains the skin and everything it touches.
No-Harsh Odor = Yes. The solvent-y smell does not last and it leaves no odor after use.
No-Fuss = No. I cannot say it enough... OIL.


I would recommend this to those who wear single color manicures using light colors. One small pad for all 10 nails is great. But for nail art people like me, not really. My manicure is one of the simplest I've ever done but it still took 2 pads and a bit of acetone. You'll work through all 32 pads in no time. Stick with the cotton ball and acetone.

Until next review!


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