20 March 2010

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Artist: Ingrid Michaelson
Album: Everybody
Type: Studio Album
Date Release: August 25
Genre: Indie Pop, Folk
Year: 2009

Everybody is the third album of Indie singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson. The album was released 25 August 2009, following the July 14 release of the first single "Maybe". Allmusic.com has already given the album 4 out of 5 stars.

Following her sophomore album "Be Ok", Ingrid Michaelson offers a darker sound on "Everybody". A widget on her Myspace provides a preview of the whole album. Also, for a limited time, the album is available on iTunes for $7.99!

Track Listing/Review:

1. Soldier
2. Everybody
3. Are We There Yet
4. Sort Of
5. Incredible Love
6. The Chain
7. Mountain And The Sea
8. Men Of Snow
9. So Long
10. Once Was Love
11. Locked Up
12. Maybe

Soldier has powerful lyrics, especially the chorus - "the battle with the heart isn't easily won". The title track, Everybody reminds me a bit of "Be Ok". It's a light and happy song; great to have playing on a car ride. So far, Are We There Yet has the most Indie feel... mellow, guitar-laden intrumentation. I like the piano intro of Sort Of. It continues on to the verses to be joined with wonderful melodies and violins. One of the reasons why I like her music is the melodies. This track is a perfect example of it. Incredible Love has an RnB flavor to it; very sexy and smooth.

Now to my FAVORITE track on the album. Last 24th of July, iMeem did a "twitterview" with Ingrid and she mentioned that The Chain is her favorite song off the album, "It is my favorite in terms of melody, words and production. and its a round! i like rounds." I first heard of this song in "Be Ok", 4th track, Live From Webster Hall. I am so glad she decided to do an album version. This song is seriously addicting. [But I prefer the Live version more.] Mountain and the Sea also reminds me of "Be Ok" at first because of similar guitar openings. It's a nice transition from the mellowness of The Chain; it's upbeat and fun (but ends abruptly). You should listen to the whole of Men of Snow and experience the different instruments used and the changes in the song. It's moody and it crests to a powerful crescendo. So Long displays the purity of Ingrid's vocals. The instrumental makes it special.

Once Was Love
has the pop sound out of the whole album. I was following the beat when I was listening to it. It is a nice mix up of tempo from the slow Indie sound to this Indie-pop with a slightly upbeat vibe. Locked Up gives the album a jazzy intro - quirky pop rock vibe. I did not expect that and it's the first time I heard this sound from Ingrid. And to close out the album, the first single of the album - Maybe. It's a perfect end to the album... going back to a fresh pop-y vibe. "Maybe in the future, you're gonna come back to me..." -- I will definitely would.



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