20 March 2010

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Many of you might remember Marit Larsen from her M2M days with Marion Raven. After their split in 2002, both girls ventured on to solo careers. Marion took the more pop-rock route while Marit chose the more singer-songwriter vibe.

In 2006, Marit released her first solo album "Under the Surface". From the 11-track album, she released 4 singles, "Don't Save Me", "Under the Surface, "Only A Fool", and "Solid Ground". Two years later, she released her second album "The Chase". Marit wrote/co-wrote all songs on her albums. "If A Song Could Get Me You" was released 14 August 2009. It is a limited edition album consisting of her greatest singles from her previous two albums. It is a great selection and if I were to make a mixtape of her songs myself, this is what I might end up with.

If A Song Could Get Me You, the song, is probably my favorite Marit Larsen song. It appears as the 2nd track on her second album. I found myself singing along to it right away. It is a light and happy song about a girl willing to do anything for her special someone. She hopes a song could make her notice him. I found a Youtube video of Marit performing this song live at a grocery store and I loved it. Don't Save Me is the 3rd track on her first CD. It has a very catchy pop vibe. I like the line "... our little castle is a house of cards". Like the previous song, it is not hard to find yourself singing along to this song. This is Me, This is You is the 3rd track on her second album. It's a slower pop song; gentle and simple. I love the delicate sound of piano with the violins. Marit's soft voice carries the song really well.

Under the Surface, the title track from her first album (2nd track from the CD) is another favorite. Take time to listen closely to the lyrics and fall in love with it. I also love to sing along to this song - very well-written. It is really emotional without being heavy. Only A Fool, track 4 from her first album, has a country vibe. It is a VERY fun song! I was instantly hooked the first time I heard it. Songs like this shows Marit's songwriting talent. They are not only great lyrics but also wonderful melodies. Solid Ground appears after Only A Fool on both 2nd and 3rd albums. When I shared Marit's music to my friends, most of them list this as their favorites. It is a slower pop song with a wonderful and inspiring lyric in the chorus. Her flowing words and the use of strings and the piano completes the emotion of the song.

Ten Steps is the 4th track from "The Chase". I really enjoy this song... "ten step from your to your door... ten steps then I'll see you no more..." It's a quirky break-up song of sorts. Totally a "go girl!" song. The 6th song from "Under the Surface", This Time Tomorrow, is another fun song. The song is in third person, talking about a girl who knows that her man will leave her "this time tomorrow" because of her imperfections.

I Heard Your Love Songs, track 9 from "The Chase", is a slow transition from the previous faster songs. It's a piano-driven ballad about a girl listening to old love songs from a boy and wondering what could have been. The Chase is the first track and the title track from Marit's 2nd album. It has a cute piano intro and wonderful harmonies. It is about a guy who likes to chase the girl but she does not want to give in. Is it Love is also from the 2nd album, 6th track. It has a laid-back pop vibe. It has an interesting meaning. A girl talks to her boy, they are having fun but just one word from the boy's ex-girlfriend and he goes running back to her. Track 5 from "The Chase" is Steal My Heart. It is a quirky and sweet song about the girl being ready to be loved and for a guy to "steal my heart". To close out this album, Poison Passion is a darker track that also closes out "Under the Surface". It is a song about being betrayed. It is a good song, however I might not exactly end the CD with this.

So what do you think? To me, this is definitely a 9/10. Share your own reviews! :)


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