25 March 2010

March 20 marked the First Day of Spring. I decided to welcome spring with a fresh nail art.

I used:

  • base coat
  • LA Girl Disco Brites Vinyl Record
  • LA Colors Art Deco in white
  • LA Colors Art Deco in pink
  • dotting tool [or tooth pick]
  • LA Colors Art Deco in forest green
  • Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat
I like variety on my nail art so we have small flowers and one big flower.

  • Apply base coat.
  • Apply 2 coats of LA Girl Disco Brites Vinyl Record.
  • Using LA Colors Art Deco in white, paint five lines [as shown in photo] to resemble a flower on the upper right side of your nail.
  • Retrace the white lines with the pink LA Colors Art Deco.
  • Blot a bit of green polish on a scrap piece of paper and using a dotting tool, paint a dot on the center of the flower.
The next steps are optional:
  • Repeat on each finger except the thumb.
  • For the thumb, paint an outline of a flower [as shown in photo] using the white LA Colors Art Deco.
  • Using the pink, fill in the blank space inside the flower shape.
  • Paint a green dot on the center for the flower.
  • Apply top coat.

And there you go. I was thinking of drawing two flowers on each nail but just one is cute and simple.

[Hooray for Generation Kill, btw.]


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